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old 6600


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Well it was two years old when the photo was taken  ;D thanks to the mother in law  :D

me cutting grass  25 years ago  ::)


Then picking it up guess who got stuck ;D still my old man to the rescue on the hurliman, All i am getting from the mrs you had more hair then ,And not as fat  :'(

you talked more then, the good old days ::)


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Nice pictures there. Brings back memories from growing up in the 80's when my neighbour done his mowing with a JD 2130 or a Ford 6610 2wd and Neimeyer mower, happy days

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nice pics batcher. What's on the chopper, is it a 7600?

Looks like Tommy G's 76 with Selene or ZF four wheel drive axle - forager is a Tarrup like the one my neighbour used to have for topping ;)

Think the Hurlimann is a H6-130 ???

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It is a tarrup but thats all i know about her she was painted up to look good  :)

This was the first year we had tryed silage on this farm , the hurliman and trailers where hired in to help from where my dad worked,and the old man was the only one who had done pit work before so he got the job with his hurly  ;D

The other ford was a 6600 with the zf axle plus duel power and a spool valve  ::)

The other cart tractor was a 2130 2wd with duncan cab that would out pull me and give the 6600 4wd a hard time  too ;D

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