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MF 1100 Narrow Front With Cab

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Another one of Dave McQuerry's excellent conversions

This was a shelf version of the Massey 1100 n/f.  Since I needed the fenders for an 1150' date=' switched those out with a cab off a Louisville Show 1150.  Added bigger front tires/rims and a new muffler.




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Looks great - beeing a non-farmer unfortunately, may I ask one (maybe foolish) question: What is the purpose of the narrow and slightly angled front wheel position? It seems to allocate the weight of the tractor on four tracks instead of two, and if it is for row crows it seems to leave no place for tracks between the crow rows ...

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Great work Tiimmy B... thanks for posting...

Richard... Tye-cycle row crop tractors were all the rage in the states in the 60' & 70's The idea is the wheel fits perfectly between the rows in the middle of the tractor.. some were single wheels.... and for heavier tractors like this they would favour a twin wheel approach... they are angled to a V point to maintain the narrow footprint on the ground  ;)


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