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the beasts

deere 7810

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Nice Gloy Boy like the pics  ;) ;) welcome to the forum  :)

Unlucky for knowing Sparrow legs  :o :o ;D ;D

cheeky, me and mark go way back, known him for years, that long ago we used to carpet farm together, meet when we were 10 i belive ;) thats nearly 18 years ago :o he even married a relation of mine :o
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aye them was the days werent they the fun and enjoyment we had eh. sparrow legs prob wont admit it but i think i am the 1 that converted him from cheap fergys to jds  ;) . will get more pics asap.

cheap fergys to jds 

I think this will be answerd many times ;D ;D ;D


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wow i thought you wudnt admit it!! the answer to the case is that it was wot we cud afford at the time. naturally wud av ad a jd of course but fund didnt allow. am aving great trouble putting my pics on. cant the 115kb limit be made bigger?

i must work harder than you seen as i bought a jd  ;D  only joking, yours was new , mine was 20 years old
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looking back why we didnt get a 2nd hand jd 2850 0r 3050 i dont know, perhaps the case was attractive at 0% finance and it was new!!

cant beat 0% finance, got other pics sorted yet? ya wife found my address and called to see me today, just you lost it i guess :D
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nice little deere, thats what i need for flailing (looks like the one i was riding in the other week with the driver loading silage bales :o;D)

what were you topping? was it butterfly strips as its too early for setaside. any pics of the 8400 or do you want me to do the honours?

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