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My International 434 out of the shed!!!!


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Decided to get her out and take her for a spin this evening as it was so lovely out there, since I got a new set of 11:32's on her yesterday.......what do you think of her? It's a nice and original local tractor and was a good find I reckon. Was thinking today it was a shame that we have sold all of our old hay-making kit, like a PZ Haybob, as it would have given it a good run. :(

Here she is......... :)



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Should of put the mower on her  ;) ;) :D :D smart little tractor is that  :o :o

Probably would handle it if I put a spool-block on it and cheers it is smart thanks. Annoy's me when people see it and ask when I'm going to do it up, but I'd rather leave her original as she only has done 2200 hours, but will probably just shot-blast and re-spray the wheels centres, but that 's it, because if we were to give it a full restoration we'd be too scared to use it and get it dirty, so will leave it now as it's still very usable. ;)

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Tha's a nice 434 you've got there Will. :)

I can fully recomend putting a haybob behind her, I spent 3 or 4 years on a 434 with a PZ haybob on the back. Dare I say it, it was an even better match-up than our MF 135 with the haybob (sorry Marky  :'( )

Our 434 had a factory cab, what a racket! but it also had a nice plexi-glas sun -roof too. What style  ;D

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If you think there good you should see a white 880 in action theres not much they cant do and im not just saying that because im a true DB lover.

I think your little internasional is a very nice original little tractor and if you still have work for it then keep it at work my brother still uses his 1966 DB 990 for baling and drawing silage he gave the engine an over haul and re wired it and fitted new tyres he feels the same as you do if he restores it hell be afraid to work it so hes going to leave it original for a few years. ;D

Your not to bad i have to tractors to restore My 1972 1210 and my 1977 DB 1410.


The 1210 is on the far left note the frame is not original or the wings i fiitted them only teporarely until i restored its cab.

And the 1410 is on the far right god i love that tractor.

Keep us up to date on what ever you do decide to do with her. ;)



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