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Twin axle tipping trailer


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I have the Biljsma version of that and from what I can remember they are very good trailers. Mines still boxed with it being a Biljsma so I can't really tell you how much it tips, but if you have the Siku Claas silage trailer then take a look at that as it's got the same chassis and body as it. I don't think theres any differences between the two but I may be wrong ???:)

Hope that helps :)

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fp they don`t tip very high & there`s no way of keeping it tipped It ?although there are 'stops' that can be filed ?to tip it higher or just keep tipping by hand until it burrs the stops off it doesn`t damage the trailer ,the deere coloured ones are the same as the claas trailers.

in the pic with the view of the back you`ll see two shiney bits of metal these were the 'stops'

I don`t think they normally tip higher than the britains Marston ,but its all metal bar the tailboard .

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