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NewHolland2's Blues......


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Well I haven't posted much about my collection for a while but tonight FTF is about to gain exclusive access to my complete New Holland related collection...... :)

Please don't post until I've finished all my pictures as it will help keep the topic tidy......Will let you know when...... :)

Well I thought it would only be fair to start this marathon post with the model which kicked off my Britains collection (and my Blue collection)......A wide wheeled Britains Ford 5610......This poor old girl is looking slightly worse for wear these days as she sports a Siku Steyr cab after a bad accident a few years back......This used to be the main tractor on the working farm doing pretty much everything from corn carting to ploughing but now she sits in the corner of the barn......


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Sadly the first 6635 we purchased suffered a serious accident when ploughing which completed damaged the hitch on the tractor......We were however so pleased with the 6635's performance that another 6635 was purchased to replace the older model which was kept on the farm for spares...... :)

Here they are together......


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Our next purchase was in the form of the Fiatagri version (L85) of our popular 6635......This Britains model was purchased to work the hedge trimmer and is permanently attached to it......It is pictured here with the Britains Ford 8730 Power Shift which is another rather redundant tractor these days......In its prime however it carried out all the spraying on normal width wheels with a SuperSpray Sprayer...... :)


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As we entered the late 1990's the launch of the 60 series spurred the model farm on to buying a batch of New Holland 8560's......Two normal wheeled version and one on flotations......As we entered the 00's these were then traded in for three TM140'S......Two still remain on the farm for working duties the other is now redundant......

First of the two working ones...... :)



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Two rarities for a British farm now......We have also purchased two New Holland and Ford variants of the Bi-Directional tractor......

These tractors made by Scale Models of America are used on the farm for duties including swathing and spraying......The 276 Bi-Directional was bought to replace the 8730 Power Shift on spraying duties and has handled its role well...... :)

First up the Ford 276 Bi-Directional......


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This model was brought onto the farm as the main materials handler for jobs being carried out away from the home farm......

The model was made by Dave Towse of Towse Trading and is a Moffett MFT based on a New Holland 7740 skid unit......These tractors were made by Moffett Engineering in Ireland and were originally based on a Massey 390 Skid Unit but then progressed onto using the Ford/New Holland 40 series as a base unit......


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And of course how could my working models be pictured without mentioning the best model combine I have in my opinion......My ROS New Holland TX66......This little beauty has clocked up many hours harvesting crops from OSR, Wheat, Barley and it even tried its hand at beans one year......

Many people may not have such high opinions of this model but this one has great sentimental value for me as it has been the main combine on my model farm since it arrived many years back...... :D :D ;) ;)


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