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need your views on this

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Sorry to dissapoint but it will never look exactly like a 4000 since the 4000 had a straight through gearbox and the 5000 a stepped one, resulting in a higher bonnet line, combined with a different design of tombstone to give extra height despite using the same front axle as the 4000. Good effort though ;)

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[glow=red,2,300]Couldn't agree more with that  [/glow] :(

Same here  :)

There are minor detail differences, even the front axle and its mountings are different, but where do you draw the line. I'm sure you'll be able to get the right look of a 4000 which is pretty important ;)

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I know it wont be quite right but I'm fed up of seeing so called 4000 conversions on ebay where all thats been done is a new set of decals, at least this one will be shorter than the 5000  ;)

85" wheelbase as opposed to 5000's 88" wheelbase :)

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