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who buys your crops


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to all you farmers out there, just out of interest where does all your harvested grain go? i my neck of the woods n.e scotland, barley, wheat and rape mostly, a lot of farmers sell to the maltings for whiskey ( a lot of unhappy growers round here at the moment as they signed contracts to supply malting barley to the maltsters at an agreed price but as the prices per ton rose they dont see the benefit and are stuck with the pre-agreed price) a lot is also grown for feed as this is a strong beef/breeding area, i aint a farmer so excuse me if i'm asking a dumbass question ::)  

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Most grain around Borders and NE England goes to Simpsons Malt and to the grain merchants on contract. Farmers on contract will be losing quite a bit this year due to the rise in prices. They also have to meet their tonnage to match the contract and with yields down this year some may struggle. Any shortfall will be bought by the merchants at top whack prices and have to be met by the farmer.

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