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Bog Marsh Farm (prev Fen End Farm )


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So its autumn again,time to get building.

First up,concrete yard and roadways.My answer to this age old model farmers problem is as follows

1 tin of grey paint

2 bag of avairy sand (the smallest amount you can buy )

3 paint brush

4 soft sweeping brush

5 2 or 3 hours spare time

Paint the area for roads and yard,while the paint is still wet cover it with the bird sand,leave it about half an hour then sweep of excess sand,now apply another coat of paint using sort hard strokes of the brush,this helps even out the sand that had stuck to the first coat.


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Looking good so far. Hope you picked a room without a sticky lock this time? :D

Hi BGU you got a good memory, no lock just lack of time will keep me out of the room.Tomorrow here in Germany is a bank holiday Wednesday ??? ??? what a day to have a bank holiday on, never mind drove home this evening 170 k just to be with the wife for the day so should get a couple of hours in to start work on a dyke.Cant wait
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Well here we go then while you lot were busy at work I had time to relax so did a bit of messing around with some paint,(blue brown and grey ) some old wire mesh, a couple of bits of wood,some model water plastic, and some help from my imagination.

This is a typical drainage dyke from the Fens full of grey murky cold old water,we need to build some banks on either side to keep it out of the fields and of course a bridge.


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