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Different view!!!!!!


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Here we have a slightly different veiw out of the side window on the MX220 slightly obscured i think u will agree!

There is startin from the left: MF187 baler controls(touch screen computer) Amazone cirrus controls and last but not least vaderstad controls! ::)


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The view is not totally blocked . you can remove then it just takes time! there is normally only 2 in there! The baler controls are normally took out when the straw is finished but 1 customer said he may have some grass for us to bale! but it neva happened >:( And i have never got round to taking them out!

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yeah normally a power cable and a cable to the machines brain!Nothing to complicated but it is the mountong that makes them pigs to  swap! Thats why i tend to leave them in especially when the machine only goes on that tractor!

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