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Farming action near Aachen (Germany); 2007-10-26

Richard de Florennes

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yeah, and according to the farmer I had a short chat with, this MF (operated by him since more than 10 years) never had any serious/noteworthy technical troubles; he said "she is still running as smooth as in the first days."

My uncle had a 3080 no problems whit it the time he had it!(about 14years!)

The 3080 where trade for a NEW MF6270 but he has still regrets that he trade it!!

I learned to drive the 3080 when i where 10years old still i miss that tractor :'( :'(

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I totally agree, the MF was the best farm machine I saw that day - and while I had a walk in the nice surrounding landscape of that field until darkness, it was always nice to hear the sound of the sleepless engine and to see the lights appear now and then in the distance ...

Sounds like an ideal place to be  :)

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Stunning pics there richard. Whats the point of that ropa machine then does it work just like an elevator then or does it have a secondary use.

It is common procedure here since a few years to let the beets transported to the sugars factories by lorries, so the beets are dropped at the ends of the fields by the harvester and then (some days later) loaded into the lorries by the ROPA "Lademaus" ("Overloading Mouse") which does not only load the beets but also has a sophisticated cleaning mechanism, so the beets are much cleaner after beeing processed in this system than just by loading the beets directly from the harvester ...

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