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Crop Damage....


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I don't know about anyone else but I'm losing a lot of my crops at present.

For example, I have my whole living room set with OSR and already I would guess I have lost over 70% of the crop. The only parts that seem to be left are the areas under my settees and other furniture, maybe some in the rug as well which seems to have stood up to the daily wind erosion caused by hoovering, I just hope it stands up to the regular traffic of giants crossing it.  :D :D :D;)

Any suggestions?

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build a perpose built shed next to your workshop/studio. i;ve got a fair size garden & was toying with the idea of craning a 20x9 ish portacabin? for this very thing,in as you can find them quite cheaply :)

or just slay the other giants :D :D

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i remember stacking bales in a filed and had cows grazing in the smaller field, the springer spaniel hurricane would rush through and not a thing would be touched....the retriever, well she flattened the lot!!  ;D ;D ;D

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