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Jez, ever thought of doing another PA59 or similar and casting the individual pieces for assembly afterwards and then to sell?

Talking to McConnel at the moment infact. Waiting for some drawings from them. Looking at doing a 6500T and a PA55 or similar, basically a large contractors machine and a smaller farmers sized machine.

Possibillity of getting them cast yeah.

Will post some results when I get them.

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nice pics

i think you need another beacon on your tractor and your set to go :P :P

That was / is the plan but finding those ones is not that easy.

Cheers for the comments, trying to get some details to build some more as we speak.


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Also you could try Henri Walker - Walkerparts.  Email him at walkerparts@planet.nl  Very helpful, worth buying his latest catalogue, 5 Euros delivered IIRC.  Full of spare parts/transfers and other goodies.

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The 3350 has had it's front axle put back on now.

I think that it looks much better on these wheels, they are off a MF  ;D 5455 I think.

I got them from Nathan on here I think..

Enjoy.... Coments as always  ;D;)


Quite a simple modification really, just a piece of plastic to aid the gluing then two small blocks to take the hinging parts so that axle moves over obsticles etc.



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