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Please :Precision Case IH Module Express 625

Fendt Fahrer

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It is a neat machine but I know Ertl has been reluctant to do specialized machines like cotton equipment as it has a limited market. The 1/64 collectors have been begging for cotton equipment for years. They got a 1/64 John Deere and Case-IH harvester. The John Deere has been updated but what good are cotton pickers when you can't buy module builders or cotton buggys.

It would be a nice setup and should allow Ertl to make this one as well as a regular harvester but how well would a 1/32 cotton harvester sell in Europe as not very many people seem to buy 1/32 over here unless the machine means something to them.

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I guess you are right. :'( :'(

But I just love exotic harvesting equipment. Others that come to my mind include a sugar Cane Harvester. Also less exotics like pea, potato and beet Harvester are of interest to me.

Of course when you have harvesters you also need seeders ! ;) ;) ;D

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