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MF2805 picture


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Thats interesting Pud... we never got the 1805 here... and only about 50 1150's from memory... just too big for us limeys on this little old Island... by the time you got it in gear and the implement straightened up for a run up the field.... it was time to turn before you went over the cliff edge  :o:D

We never got the "re-branded" 3000 series either... I do have brochures on ALL tractors mentioned in this thread to date if you want any emailed to you buddy  ;)

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I Think i have the 3645 brochure in my collection here, that machine has a door on the right too, thats a little wierd i thought

there are a lot of 1135 and 1150 round here, most are retired, my father owned a 1100 when i was in nappies

its weird how stuff was imported into the southern hemisphere

both countries had very different ideas, yet most major manufacturers tried to keep stuff standard..... New Zealand relaxed importing restrictions changed things

eg, there is 2 JD 3130's the aussie version, and the rest of the world version........differences are in the rear axles

but all the MF stuff came the same as what you got in the UK

135/148/165/168/175/178/185/188/1080/1100/etc.....but all in ROPS spec, NZ cabs were fitted if required

the 168/178/188 am told all came with the big hyd pump, and aux cooling circuit and filter,

like the fords, of the time, apparently we didn't need factory cabs

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naa...for some reason they were cabbed......guess they figured it out by then

the 595mk1 and mk2 were cabbed, and the 575? and 590

seems there was a long wheel base 590 offered too, seen one of them somewhere too

i know of a couple 595's round here, one of my customers has a 1080 4wd ROPS, i know of another one in the area too.......and a 1155 4wd, with cab

dads 1100 was a ROPS

this is a pic of his tractor, me on the set  (3 years old)


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