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well heres a few pics of my farm im only gettin started......

this is the new shed, when finished will have a 16 point parlour and 154 cubicles with maybe a few calf pens if i have the room.

it measures 4ft by 3ft by 15cm and 25 cm at the top. this is the main cubicle house the parlour will be in a lean to shed which i have yet to start


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Let you know what I think hey.. well.... you asked for it...

I think... I think... well...

It's just brilliant !!! - I love that open silage clamp as well.... what a peach.... as for the shed... looks like a masterpiece in the making to me... please keep us posted with pics on the progress...

How hard was it to get the ends done on the shed ??? ... looks like you've made a mighty fine job of it... mine always went wrong  :-[

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