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the fleet

massey man

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the last of the fords noel,they were all fords before i came,8360,ts115,7840,7740,sure they were fencing 1 day in the glenns and 1 of the fellas parked the 7840 at the top of the hill facing straight down didnt even screw the wheels round,sure she had dodge brakes,the dealer had been told to come fix her but hadnt landed,sure the men were fencin away and they heard noise,looked round and 7840 was away,she hit the hedge and down the glen,prob 70ft drop,split into 3,bale trailer survived,we still use it,took 3 days way a crane to get her out  ;)

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so im not the only one that had a 7840 with dodgy brakes

i had one on long term hire from hawks  went to a farm to pick up something  parked her up

and went into a shed to talk to one of the blokes there saw the tractor going past the window

didnt think nothing of it just thought someone was moving it

sodding  brakes released themselves and it rolled down the yard and right into the farmers astra car

write off hity it right between the 2 doors side on and the weights just caved it in big time

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