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Newby to customs...HELP



So I want to try a little bit of customizing, haven't done any before :o So where do I start? Here's a few questions I need answrred like:

What do you use if you want to put on say mirrors or flasher bars or something like that to a tractor? Glue? What works?

I have a 1/64 Case IH 7130 I want to try and custom....what could I do to customize it? Tires? Mirrors?

How do you know what tires will work or what not?

Obviously I didn't grow up on a big farm driving tractors, but I've grown up around them, worked on a farm feeding cavles one winter...and I love farm machinery. ;D

Any and all help is appreciated!! Thanks!

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havnt tried any custom work on 1/64 models ,but i guess its the same as 32nds i normally do

mirrors beacons ect are always a good starting point, usally normal superglue will suffice fixing them to the model, does sometimes help if you drill a small pilot hole the same size as the rod attaching the part, just gives a better area for the glue to make to

tyres ect in that scale ,well i dont know where to look for those i must say, but its a big scale in the states so maybe one of our american members could help with sites/shops for that sort of thing, sure the bits are out there just not sure where

good luck

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My suggestion would be to go over to Toy Tractor Times and pull down the "links" section and then check out Moores equipment or Moores supplies I will do some research for you and get by to you with more information but start in TTT and also check out the 1/64 section.......or the custom section

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