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MX240 Buckraking


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will fish out another pic

what it is,

its not front 3pt hitch

its something made in a local workshop (my opposition for hyd hose service).....they did a great job

its like a loader subframe, but upside down, cylinders on top, and crowd rams, the hitch on the front is a massive version of a euro quickhitch, evolved over the years as the buck rake goes from tractor to tractor

i think that buckrake started life on a CVX130 with a NZ made loader (bullloader).....made in waimate, very solid......the CVX front axles never survived, next he used a 7920IVT and loader with the same rake i think, again, front axle issues, and i think it had warranty work on the engine and box (updates)

this operater don't like artic loaders, and likes building steep stacks (minimise crop loss),

this set up lifts high, and accomadates a big rake, it un hooks fast, loads onto a truck trailer for transport to the next farm behind one of 6 volvo G88 silage trucks that chase a jag850speedster and potinger 1251 rake

the contractor is not known for building things light


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it shifts those truck loads in 3 passes, first pass for the bulk of the load, 2nd and 3rd pass to tidy up the half tonne left that fell off the bukerake the first time ha ha!

can create lazy operators, but this one is good, the tractor stays moving till the next truck arrives

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you probably thinking of the brother who owned a self propelled sprayer and work for talleys ashburton

he works with the silage crew now.....

that MX240 was on the yard at cochranes i think

Fair call this was a few years ago now.I do recall him telling me about some of steep ground he'd ploughed with a big old case tractor down south.

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