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quality kit ;o)


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ha ha!........new?

the one one the left, left (88model sx75) the farm at nearly 6000hours, .....would have 4k + here, the middle one (82 model T7000), we lost count, was on its second paint job, got that at about 8000hours???......the one on the right (89? 4451) probably had 2000hours on it

we sold the two on the left in 96/97 ish......

Honest old ducks in there day, worked hard, but dad seem to like them looking as standard as possible..........even if parts were getting expensive

we didn't have the flashest contracting tractors in the neighbour hood, but they were always tidy, ran, and there were no supprises  :o)

i posted this question over at new agtalk, heres the replys


check out the 2-75..... ;O)

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