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ECE spearders


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ECE were originally a firm local to me here in Norfolk until they were aquired by the MAS group. They are basically a rip off of the Bunnings Lowlander machine (hence the Lowline name), a member of Bunnings senior team went and worked for them and basically copied Bunnings designs.

They aren't a bad spreader but they do not have the build quality of the Bunnings originals and use cheaper gearboxes which are prone to failure, they were cheaper to purchase than a Bunnings too. On average one a week out of the 6 where I worked would go down with some sort of mechanical problem. There are still several about and it is because of the cost and the ability to spread everything that they were popular, Richard Western spreaders are not as good as certain types of muck hang up in them, the two Westerns where I worked were kept as back ups more often than not, due to the reliability (or lack of) of the ECE ones there was usually one of them out in the field. The contractor in question spreads half a million tonnes of turkey litter a year plus general manure as well, usually just through the 6 spreaders.

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