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what screwdrivers are best



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The set of bits/drivers that they do for cordless and other drills that come in a case are very good as they contain all manner of head types and sizes and you can use them in a hand screwdriver tool with a hexigon socket end.

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Get yourself a small set.. including a Number 1 and number 2 Phillips... and the same in Pozidrive (don't be fooled into thinking they are the same)... and some small flat (spade) point screwdrivers as well...

There is a big difference in a philips headed screw and a Pozidrive headed screw - use the wrong one on a tight screw... and you will round it off by skidding out and around...

make sure the screwdriver fits nice and snugly.. and with no detectable "play" between driver and screw  ;)

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