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One more of these days: 2008-02-23 (Neuss, Germany)

Richard de Florennes

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while I originally planned to stay home this dull today for finishing my current scratch-built beet harvester modell,  I changed my mind later in the afternoon as some sunshine appeared.

Therefore, I once again gave it a try for another certain field expected to be prepared for seeding carrots. However, while passing this field on the highway A57 I could already see that the beds had been formed on the whole field so seeding hat already taken place.

Thus I continued on the highway further until seeing kind of an aspargus field with a tractor on it. Just one mile ahead onother aspargus field with activity and planting activity on another field. So I left the highway next exit and fought my way on the small roads to the fields seen before. Here are the photo results from the first field visited by me today , where planting took place:

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Holy cow, our field is still covered in snow! Even if it wasn't, it would be so wet my tractor would sink out of sight... I bet I won't be able to turn our pumpkin patch until mid-April if I'm lucky! :-[

We have only seen one night with snow this year melting immediately next day; this winter is extremely mild here and for tomorrow 16? Celsius temperatures are forecasted, allowing for some more photos:

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just one or two yards away was this aspargus field just covered by lines of plastic. Of the two tractors involved in the covering work, the driver of the International waved me kind of a fuxx-off signal, so I did not bother to invest any more time there (as I was told later by another farmer, one of the local farms in this village had received a police "razzia" a few days ago due to beeing suspected to employ ilegal workers under illegal conditions. The negative new press was not received with a big welcome of the local farmers and a photographer appearing by pure chance on the scene a few days later was regarded with some suspicion by the farmers ... Nevertheless, after explaining who I am what is my business I was welcome on every further field ...

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Then I saw a JohnDeere passing by full speed with a strange implement attached to its back. Hardly beeing able to follow him, I reached him to witness him preparing another field for planting vegetables - it is a Lemken power harrow with Rauch fertilizer. A rare 2 WD Case 745XL is waiting in the background with a trailer full od small vegetable plants ...

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Hiya,It would be interesting to know where you are in Germany.Is it the in the west near Kreefeld/M Gladbach

Exactly, my regular tours lead me through the area between Neuss, M?nchengladbach and Krefeld plus some surrounding areas from time to time ...

Here are some more from yesterday:

First a closer look at the Case International involved in planting operations on this field, than another International with planting mashine ...

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