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Woofferton Collective Sale - Saturday 23rd Feb 2008


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Few photos from around the regular collective sale next door to my office.

Before anyone asks, I have no idea what anything made since I couldn't stay - had the kids with me.

The only price I know was for a very tidy tandem axle IW trailer, 8' x 5' bed with mesh extensions and ramp, made ?1000.

Shame, wanted that!

Couple for Marky first, tidy 135 and TVO fergy in need of some love.

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Ummm... I'll take the 135 then please... not sure I'd have the time for the poor little grey  :'(

Thanks for sharing... some good pics

Did anything catch your eye then... ???

Was there really to look at this 66 for the boss, turned out she was on her last legs and didn't sell. Tidy tractor but needed a bit of attention mechanically.

The alternative was the dexta. Strangely he didn't go for it...

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She was incredibly tidy, no rot or dents in the cab or mudguards, paint was on the bonnet and the fibreglass front panel was intact and in good condition. Only minor damage was some wear to cab trim, lower half of rear window was smashed but frame was in the cab, was missing a mirror, PUH release cable snapped - been replaced with a wheel brace [!!] bucket needed plating in the base of it and the NSF tyre was pretty slick. It had had a new seat recently, vinyl wrap around, not a proper one, fairly recent service by the looks of the CNH filters.

Oh, but the gearbox was toast. Apparently.

I would say it probably just wanted a clutch.

Reserve was set at ?5k, don't know if she even made a bid. Felt a bit high to me even if she had been mechanically sound.

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