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New Board For here???


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mmmmmm :-\ :-\ :-\....these pics are posted occasionally anyway. BUT We DO NOT want to see any pics where someone was injured/killed though. We shall discuss this and let you know of an outcome :) :)

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I agree with FB. any picture of an accident that caused serious or fatal injuries should not be posted as this may cause distress to those with a sensitive disposition and for anyone who has lost someone in these circumstances definitely will not wish to be reminded of such an incident. Having said that, some pictures would, on the other hand, serve to remind others, especially younger veiwers, of the dangers of farm tractors and machinery and make people think twice before putting themselves in what is very often an avoidable situation with a little forethought. When posting any picture or pictures, the poster will have to be totally honest in their text with the picture in stating that no-one was seriously injured or killed as no-one ever actually knows who may be veiwing it and knows different. Statistics show that the most common tractor accident is still overturning and this type of accident has always been top of the list. In conclusion I would advise all, when posting pictures on the topic subject, to think carefully to consider wheather a picture is apropriate for veiwing or not.  I don't want to sound like I am trying to take the part of a Mod or wish to sound like an old fart But think that these points should be thought about.

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There is already a topic somewhere in this section with all pictures of mishaps etc in it, it caused us problems last time due to the nature of pictures being posted. The other thing of course is we don't want a new board filled up with pictures "borrowed" off other peoples websites, if we had one they would have to be pictures taken by yourself of something that you had seen first hand. On this note I feel that seperate topics still have an advantage for these pictures

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