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Britains 2008 Releases NH T7060 Case Puma 210?

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When these items were first released they were only available from CNH dealers.  The models Britains are now saying are released will be available from Britains stockists.

I had to send a NH T7060 back to RC2 last October as it was badly finished (quality control) and it took them about 2 months to find a replacement.  They eventually got one from the CNH parts warehouse in Belgium so it just shows that Britains themselves shipped all the initial relase stock to CNH.

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thats not quite true PDH I've been able to get the Case Ih Puma 210 from my local toyshop for the last 6 months ;)

Like you I was also able to pick up the Puma 210 from my local Britains stockist, last September I think.  However according to the 'agreement' with CNH they should have only been available from CNH dealers.  Not sure is something went wrong or they changed the arrangement regarding this one model.  However its definitely been the caset with the NH T7060.

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I got mine from the local toymaster and I remember someone saying on here that they seem to get the new models sooner than other toyshops

Yes they do.  They have a priority because of the quanties they order.  Not sure how many toy/model shops are in the Toymaster buying co-operative but it must be a few hundred.

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wouldn't like to say PDH, but I've noticed that some of the smaller ones have been closed down around this way

Yep 4 closed in Devon last year when the owner got offered megabucks from a coffee shop chain.  Sold out and retired on the profit from the sale of the property.

Just done a Google search for Toymaster...it says

        Toymaster There are hundreds of Toymaster stores around Britain and Ireland. ... Toymaster store.

Unfortunately there is not list of their stores, only a store locator and I'm not going to try every UK town just to see  :)

See http://www.toymaster.co.uk/

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I bought my PUMA 210 "euro spec" at the cereals event in JUNE :o  admittedly they were part of a ltd early release through the manufacturer ;)

However the Puma & T7060 were shown at last years toy fair in JAN/FEB and yet they were both featured again at this years >:(

What are Britains playing at ANDY??    Surely this time of year they should be previewing the autumn releases 08 not 2007s >:(

And on the subject of this autumn  "whats coming"?? apart from R/C JD7930

I think it would make good sense too bin the old TSA/MXU models  and design new longwheelbase replacements in the shape of 155hp New Holland T6080 & CASE IH "puma" 155 ;)     In real life size These two models will certainly follow in the footsteps of their respective predecessors and become CNHs biggest volume sellers ;)  so surely it makes excellent sense too produce freshly tooled minatures of them both ;D

I will have two T6080s please to replace my JD6920 models  as im getting tired of too much green :D

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Bought the T7060 today and think its a great looking model, but have just removed it from the box to find that there's something wrong with the steering; the wheels are basically stuck in a position if the tractor is making a right turn.  If you try and straighten them up the axle pivots so the wheels are uneven.  Has anyone else had the same problem and is it fixable?  I don't suppose I'd be able to take it back after taking it out of the box, and it was the last one in there anyway :(

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