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What will be next modern precision in 1/32?


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After the 2006 release of JD8530 & subsequent 8430 spin off what will be next precision project for ertl?

Too my knowledge weve had wheeled tractors ,a US spec combine and a crawler from JD stable & a CASE artic :)  surely the next model will be a new CASE ;)  i say this because the precision model always comes out at the same time as the real machines initial launch  and JD have finished releasing new 9030,8030 & 7030 American made products.

CASE have versions of Magnum & Puma available already so it wont be them so its probably gonna be a combine ;)  As the 8010 has been done & new 9010 is much the same I reckon it might be an even bigger machine that has yet to be unveiled ::)  Apparently NH are bringing an all new CR too these shores for the wheat harvest that will top CLAASs 600  :oand my guess is that CASE will have a version as well for 2009 :-*  complete with 35ft header & tracks that would make one helluva precision piece :D

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I bought one last month for just over a hundred.

I like your ethic bluegreen :)

The precision combine do you mean Tris?  I had one, guess how much it sold for - £45!  The same amount I sold the Claas Challenger for! :D

It was a nice model, though I thought the headers were ridiculously small, and I wasn't over keen on the duals, hence why I sold it when I got a 9880.

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