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any one who has a web site might be able to help me


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I use Macormedia Dreamweaver MX2004 alongside Adobe Photoshop, however I had to do a night class at College a few years ago.  I suggest you would need to do something similar

I too use Dreamweaver (CS3) and had to attend a course in how to use it effectively too,  but it is an expensive program designed for professional use. 

Microsoft Word can be used for web creation but Microsoft Front Page does a better job as it is a dedicated program, however with Front Page you need the web host to offer Front Page Extensions to get the best out of it and some of them charge an extra fee. 

As stated above - some webhosts offer "create your website" packages within their setup.

Good luck

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I also use Macromedia dreamweaver mx2004, very simple program to use once you get the hang of it. I also had a book to help, The complete idiot's guide to creating a webpage. Very useful, taught me how to do HTML, java and various other things.

For webhosting i used bravehost http://www.bravenet.com If you don't mind the advertisements (that's what keeps it free) then this is fine for starters, Comes with ftp access to be able to upload your html/css/picture files etc

These are a couple of my creations http://stu1818.bravehost.com/site/index.html


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