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on work experience with griffithsbros


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this week i am on work experience and today we went out to a farm in Church minshull me and the guy i got put with serviced 2 tractors and then an another guy joined us and serviced the other 2 tractors which were a jd 1550 and a ih 534

the first tractor we serviced was a G reg 2850 with 4815 hours on the clock


then after dinner we serviced a 52 reg 6320 with a mallieux mx100 loader ith had 4366 hours on the clock


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today we went back to the same farm and finnished the 6320 (only needed a fan belt but we didnt have one yesterday) there was a fuel pump leak on a international 444 that was done yesterday. So this morning we serviced a international 534


then we changed the fan belt on the 6320 and had a bru ;). Then came the ih 444 and it was the scraping out tractor so that was covered in s**t what a lovely tractor :D :D :D


then we moved on to a same explorer 2 (k reg) it was leaking oil from somewhere we looked and couldnt

find it so put all the panels back on and left it because it would be a big job to find something that only needed tightening up


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This isn't the attitude is it!!

it was leaking oil from somewhere we looked and couldnt

find it so put all the panels back on and left it because it would be a big job to find something that only needed tightening up

Deary me! I swear in your signature it says Agri Engineering is a piece of cake  ::):D

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Right then this morning it took us a while to get to the tractor because we were looking for a farm because it was called moss bank farm but infact it was a house there was a jd 6200 2wd that had a problem with starting all we did was changed the feul filter. Im sorry i didnt get a pic of that one.

So then we jumped on the motorway to go to the next farm were there was a ih 584 that the farmer said when he started it up it sprayed water from the exhaust for a few seconds then ran. the farmer said it was the head gasketbut we looked and it wasnt. after we did that we had it on full revs for a bit and it just seemed to loose all its power. in the end we changed the diesel filters and it "ran as sweet as a nut"


Then we had to look at his JD 6505 that was from a different dealership :o what it was is they had sheared a bolt above the trailer hook and couldnt get it out to put this part over the hook


They also had there a ford 7610 that is dam tidy for an E reg we didnt do anything to that but i though it was worthy of a picture.


Later on when we finished up the farmer told us that he had just sold everything up which means all the land all the farm all the tractors and all the machinery to the man who owned the carphone warehouse and is currently running  the carphone warehouses "talk talk" business.

We got back into the yard early so i helped my brother finish doing a pdi on a 6630

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today a teacher was coming in to see me so i had to stay in today and i was a bit bored. first thing i helped finish off the a/c in a 6420s then washed off a few tractors, they were 6830, 6930, 6920s and a 6830. after i had finished the 6820 i backed it in the workshop and started to service it then had to go because there was a truck at the other yard waiting to unload a 7530 premium. this morning when we went to get the parts there was a truck waitin with a 6330 with panoramic cab glass.  here a some pictures i took today.

6930 with chrome exhaust


the 6330 with panoramic cab


and a 6920s that was finished yesterday as it had the back axle wheel bearings changed


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oh yeah i forgot to say that when i was in the cab of the 6820 cleaning the glass one of the fitters had a 6630 and a 6330 on the dyno they werent half puffing out some smoke also when the fitter that did the 6920s wheel bearings got back me and him took it out for a test drive

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right then today i painted a weight block


then got some paper work filled in and had dinner then built one of these only it was jd green


then them did a pdi on a 7530 (the picture didnt come out well)


also today was my last day :-[ so thats it now for this post  :'(

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