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Bamford - potato spinner?

James T

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It's a spinner tattie digger James. If you look at the wheels they have cleats on them to give traction for driving the spinners on wet ground. That would exclude hay turning in wet weather ;D ;D

I have a Jack one lying at a friends in the "back howe". I haven't seen it for years so I must go and see what implements I have actually still got left there. I will take a picture if its still there

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I have just noticed it's a two row tattie digger as well. Mine is a single row one and different tines. The two row one would have taken quite a pull for the horses. I'm assuming that this had been a horse one and then a pole added for use with a tractor ???

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thats cool

but would cause major brusing on the potato  ;) ;) ;)

Actually I don't think they caused too much damage Spud. I have used my one which has the spinners rotating from behind some 25 years ago behind my Ransomes MG2 crawler and the damage was mininal.

They were certainly better than a tattie graip ??? ??? image the damage that using one of those would have done to your back ???

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I think the right hand rotor is to clear the haulms from the next drill while the LH one is the digger... :)

Looking at the first picture again John the spinners are different so you are probably correct. I jumped to the assumption it was a two row digger given the "double drive" on the top. Now with brain in gear I don't recall ever having seen a two row spinner tattie digger. I wonder if they were ever such implements made  ??? ???

Oh I know you are just in England John  but here in Scotland we call the "haulms" tattie "shaws" ..... can you ask TT what she called them when she was in Scotland  ;D ;D

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I've never seen a two row - the problem may be not burying pots in the amount of soil moved.

I call them shaws too but figured no-one else would know what I was on about  :D

Ok I'll let you off on that one John ;D ;D

All the North East "loons"


Big A


would all have know what shaws were I'm sure ???

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