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Prototyped silage fork

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Wow!! What sort of size can this bit of kit produce then, will you be doing more bits and pieces with it?

I have access to one till the 28th of may i am going making an 8210 bonnet this week if i can. It can make something 200 x 200mm by 400 high. any shape if you can draw it you can make it pretty much. You need a 3d CAD model and it prints wat you draw pretty much
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Sounds good, you better make the most of it this month then!!! Shame it can't do things like trailer bodies and chassis etc.

It could make a body or a chassis no problem. if it cant build it on the flat it can print it vertically

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You can actually make an entire model on one like it builds the thing assembled and with the parts moving

after reading some posts in tractor conversion sections, you could sort out the JD 10 series cab problem then with this machine????

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They are awesome bits of kit, I remember being introduced to one during A level design technology. That was 10 years ago now so they must have come on a hell of a long way.

As I recall it's a box of some kind of resin or gel and it sends laser beams or something into it to predefined points and cures the liquid  ??? ??? Like I say, long time ago!!!

And before you say, durr check the link, I couldn't be ar*ed!!

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