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John Deere 8520 conversion

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Iam sorry, but I think you use the wrong Cab and rear Mudguards for a 8520. I think this parts will fit better from a Britains 7920.

yes  i'am aware of that mate.Your right about one thing and thats the mudgards.The cab is nearly the same

except for the cabroof who is different.And i have to do somthing with my "half" 8400.The mudgards and the cab from a 7920 maby maby would be something.The 8400 cabroof would fit very nice on a 7810.Yes why not maby i will do that conversion ;) ;)

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Hi nice work you done, but is it the US model you have done?

The eu model have round wheels base and another kind of ladder.. maybe im wrong but heres a pic of my former 8420.

regards Kim

Hi KSP the 8520 don't exist anymore it's in parts now and just a project again  :);) ;)

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