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Illegal replica models

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I have just had a phone call from a chap telling me that someone who makes replica E27N's,DDN's etc. and sells on eBay has been lifted by the Police,can anyone confirm this as I have a few of the replica models from the seller and don't fancy being part of a fraud case!!.The models I bought came of eBay so think I should be OK.I know there are one or two people selling these models and never thought there was any problem.Would like to be enlightened if possible.

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As far as i'm aware you bought them in good faith so there should be no comeback on yourself

If you had of known you were buying fraudulent goods at the time you are liable for aiding and abbeting

I stnd to be corrected

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Guest quangova

I would of thought any enforcement of copyright would be done by trading standards? The Police may assist to prevent a breach of the peace?

Still I assume this is in Scotland and the law is different there.? :D :D

I agree with that, i worked for a brief spell with Trading Standards prosecuting copright infringement cases (DVD's etc), and its TS who are responsible for taking action not the Police.  Unless of course the original moulds were stolen or something like that.

Antway don't worry Davie, we will all club together and send you a file in a cake when they send you down....!

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