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Need help regarding front mount mower conditioner

Fendt Fahrer

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I am looking to buy a front mount mower condtioner. I was quoted a really good price for a new Lely Splendimo that no other competitor could match not even a decent used machine. As a matter of fact most other machines were almost double the price.

My question to you is:

Are Lely mower conditioners a good buy. I do not know much about them since there are very few of them around here because the dealer for Lely is relatively new and before there was none.

I tried it out and it cut very nicely the conditioner also seemed to do a good job.

But is it reliable ?

Thanks for your help.

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The best front mower by far we found at work is a Kuhn FC313.

We;ve had Lely's, a John Deere 500 series and a Vicon. None were very reliable and the parts for the JD mower were quite a bit of money. Even though it's made by Kuhn?

But the FC313 we've got now joins another 3 working in the area. All have been no trouble as long as the gearbox oil is changed regularly.

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The last contractor I worked for had a Splendimo rear mower/comditioner as did the one before that, they are a damned good mower but they do have one little downfall to them which won't show itself if you are cutting grass at the ideal time in its growth cycle. The conditioner units have a dislike for tangled and over mature grass crops, they will wrap solid and burn out the slip clutches (I done one last year within 30m despite being in the lowest gear on the 7840), it was for this reason that the previous contractor also kept a JD MoCo in reserve, although it seemed to affect the rear mower more than the front one on his Claas 836 set-up, They are one of the more popular mowers around this area now

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