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I bought this 6600 on Ebay a couple of months ago and been working on it for the past month because been so busy; this is how it has turned out: Any coments good or bad welcome. I am hoping to convert this into a roadless 65 with following with a roadless 35 in the furture out of a brit 135 and also working on aswell is a britains lorry converting into a roadless lorry to put the tractors on for delivery



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Yes they are the detuz rear wheels aswel; all the wheels are deutz inc the axle, only the ford 6600 chassis are different. The wheels that where on the 6600 are the same same and shape as the deutz ones. I actually sent the chassis to dave towse to put the frount axle on because this was my first conversion but its very simple! You get a small flat ended screwdriver and a big flat ended screwdriver and with the little one you go to the back of the chassis and wedge the screwdriver in the hole underneith the rear axle and prize the chassis open, but do not seperate! then you get the big ended one and stick it in that hole replacing the small one and put the small screwdriver at the frount of the chassis and prise the chassis again. Then you leave the leave the small screwdriver at the frount and pull the old chassis out an then push the new chassis in pulling the screwdrivers out. Personally i would before you pull the screwdrivers out, i would put some super glue in the gaps then pull the screwdrivers out and clamp the chassis.

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