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Komatsu WG10 tractor.........

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Pudding you worry me sometimes  :) :) :) do you have a proper job or do you spend all day and night searching for the weird and wonderful in the world :D :D :D :D you certainly find the strangest things  ;D ;D


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japan i guess....but i dunno how to find any more info  on them......komatsu seems to have denied all knowledge.........couldn't find any thing on the company site

these were in the albums at the MMT forum, its italian, and amazing what pictures they have in the galleries over there

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didn't komatsu built the little IH 284's??

or am i thinking of something else

i am in a bit of a bind in my search, i cannot get my computer to understand the Japanese symbols that come out of the translater websites, so they don't seem to go into google good........ >:(

i is going to my truck to get a hammer

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Mmmmm... missing post syndrome again....  ::)

Looking at the brochure, and the fact it is in English.... you might be led to believe it was destined for the UK otherwise it would be in Japanese I would have thought.....  :-\

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i wondered why this japanese brochure written in english was on a italian website........... :-\ .....

i will email the guy who put the pics up on the website  ;D...........update.......no luck with him

might email komatsu in a few days

i found another




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