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spot the difference

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well simon has waited paitently for this  :D

i have been tinkering with a blue machine a t6080, cab from t7060, bonnet from t6070, uh deutz chassis, siku rear hitch and pma front linkage its not 100% accurate but for the first attempt im happy with it




and have also been moding a 7530 with a new pdc roof, beacons, painted rear hitch, trimed down front end and weight block




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cheers paul :), ill look foward to the pics, is his going to have the power command gearbox  ??? no doubt it will be a nice tractor 

Yep him and his mate's are having the front links and powercommand box(for potato harvesting) and the other 4 will have front weights and range command box (for carting and top work)

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Must say that youve done a great jobb on them.

Looks where going to see a lott of nice models from you ;)

cheers jonny

sper chris!!!! i love it  :-*:-* :-*:-* :-*

is that just a TSA bonnet with new decals???

thanks berry yes its a tsa bonnet

fine job on the t6080 sir looks well i was in one at nh dealers on friday range command wasnt taking the gears  ::)

cheers rabh, oh no hope it isnt the old gremlins returning again

Deerest - thanks but there a few few little peices that could be better i think i just went too quick but i will try again, and i thought about putting a bar light on the deere as well doh  :D

thanks rhys  :)

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Oh Chris you little genius!!  :o

That's fantastic mate, I did wonder what you were up to....

Went for lunch at ma n' pa's at the weekend and there was a brochure for the 6050, 70 & 80's out on the table for my son. Was wondering when we'd see the rounded mudguards done.

Top work mate, really like that one.

Cor, gimme gimme..... ;D ;D

Oh, John Deere, yes, that's good too.... ;) To make it look like Tris' you need a cushion on the seat......  :D

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