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Very nice collection there.

Whats your favourite model ?

In general the old MF 595s and Ford 5000/6600, but I also love the Landini and MF 2680 it's based on (realistic or not, it has a beefy-looking engine). Fav implement is 155 Howard Rotaspreader (I have 3 ; :D)

And get the Britains County out from the back left hand corner and show her off  :D :D

I would, but I'm not too happy with its reproduction cab (sorry David!). I recently removed the glass from a 5610 and tried that inside, but it wouldn't go. Had it since the age of 8, but I prefer the genuine blue 1884.

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Lovely collection buddy... nice to see them out on display and out of the boxes - that's how a real display should be in my book...

Thanks for sharing...

As for suggestions... I reckon you are doing fine as you are... maybe try to bag a little more space so you can keep expanding that wonderful selection you have already... as for the first combining set up  :-*:-* :-*

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You've got a modest collection mate, some crackers in there.

Cheers m'deere! :-*
Do I see two wide wheel 5610's? Are any of your models boxed?
Yes two big 5610s; no, no vintage models boxed because I originally decided to sell them unboxed in small pairings or groups. I haven't yet changed my mind on that but perhaps if will if I need the cash!
And lastly, what's the loader on the orange tractor on your Forestry shelf?

Ah, someone's conversion of a log grab which I thought was quite clever. Rams and lift arms are from vintage loader, grab is some other make (I've seen the like on the forum recently). But I try to stick to original Britains implements and accessories if I can.

Thanks for your questions!

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Latest aquisitions, all from Ebay:


Britains greenhouse from the 1960s. Not sure why I bought this really as I don't intend to collect the Floral Garden range to any great extent, just liked the look of it! :-\


The Chevvy Farm Service Vehicle #9573. Strange model for Britains to release in 1983, how many did General Motors shift in the UK I wonder? Don't think I've seen any myself. Anyway, I was attracted by the detailed and useful box (mine is not the best example) and detachable tools with the model, especially the jack! Not sure about the wealding box/hoses though :-\


I don't like the detail underneath, it reminds me of Matchbox toys. It was released barely a decade after the LWB ceased production and that is a lovely model through and through, why go downmarket?


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Ford Skip #9603 in banded box. The plastic is a little discoloured with age but otherwise ok:




No drive shaft I noticed not sure whether this is normally on the model or not:


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New Class Silage Tipper to replace the one I had as a nipper. (and still have). Not quite 100% as I was promised, must have been shaken about a bit over the years :(


Farmhand Round Baler red and yellow one produced from 1981-1986, #9532. The "Vermeer" decal at the back looks a little faded unfortunately:


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The Chevvy Farm Service Vehicle #9573. Strange model for Britains to release in 1983, how many did General Motors shift in the UK I wonder? Don't think I've seen any myself.

During the early to mid 80's Britains and Siku were both making a big push to try and break into the US toy market.  The Americans never took much interest in 32nd scale, so neither toymaker got very far, but it is probably the main reason behind them making this Chevy pick up (I don't think the real thing was even available over here?), along with the New Holland TR85 combine, some of which were issued in the US in an all red dealer/promo box (New Holland never marketed the real Twin Rotor series in Europe), the green and yellow 'Corn King' combine with maize header (which was obviously aimed at being an imitation John Deere!), and the US only issues of Hesston 580, yellow and black Vermeer baler, 'Real Inc' Milk Tanker, and Deutz-Allis DX92.

Siku did their Deutz-Allis at this time too, but made a better job of it than Britains by changing the bonnet number and the name above the front grille as well as the name on the sides of the cab roof.

Some nice additions there, and good for you to have found a greenhouse which is still complete with its staging  :)

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