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Which of these were glazed: TW 35, TW 25, 8730?


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Most TW 35 powerfarm releases seem glass-free, but I've noticed a couple with the 5610 glass. Is this typical?

Most of the boxed TW25s and 8730s seem to have glass, but some unboxed examples on Ebay don't.

Any help greatly appreciated! :)

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The early versions of both Powerfarm TW35 and the non powered TW25 were unglazed.  Full glazing was introduced to both models from 1989. Both the 8730 and 8830 had glazing throughout their production run. 

The glazing was not the same as the 5610 - the TW had a completely glazed rear window, whereas the 5610 had a cutaway section to allow access to the linkage lift lever.

Thanks Ploughmaster. I'd never previously heard of the 8830, it sounds pretty darn rare :o  I want one!

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