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wyke farms kit


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got a few pics of Wyke farms kit while tipping at their dairy. Wyke farms is no more than 2 miles away from Barbers farms ( the farm with all the NH kit) & opperate the same princeaple? ie: a complete fleet to serve all it's own farms from one base .

The prime movers are all JD but each dairy has 2 ford/NH one loader & i scraper tractor.

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i know there are a few more JD 10 & 20 series tractors about of theirs but did'nt get to see them. last pics ,my drive of the day tipping at wyke & one of their older ERF's, they also have a few ERF ?EC knocking around the country side either hauling cheese or pigs or liquid feeds.

Fantastic pics mjb1. Another bonny wee Ford too. :);)

Are the 5030's the New Holland models or are they the earlier Ford models? ;)

i think most are the ford models but i have seen a 2wd NH

this was the tractor i thought might be a 36 lurking in the yard

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is it,never seen one like that before,seen the round tall ones ?don't see kit like that this way very often mostly they just use bale choppers and the odd kenan,along with bagged stuff

Yeah this is like the ordinary round ones but this one probably a twin auger version hence the extra length ;)

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what the bird from the burger king caption we had ?:D :D

:D :D :D :D

there's a farm near to work we collect milk from & they've got a 15 ton mixer wagon on the back of a ford 7810 ! but not all is what it seems as this 78 has had an engine transplant from a ford cargo truck & is now rated at 210 hp & doesnt look much different from any other 78,but when you do look at it you get that niggling feeling that somethings not quite right? :) :) :)

last i heard they were going to swap it in but i don't know if they have yet, but someone somewhere's gonna get a hellish tractor? ;D ;D ;D

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Nice pics MJB nice to see parts of agriculture i now see very rarely round here 20 years ago there was 15 dairy farms in this area now down to none very sad fact i think. but a 15 ton feeder wagon would require a fair old size of machine to pull it

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