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Holmer convo

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It is a top saving elevator, our contractor uses something similar so the sheep have more to eat, flailed up tops aren't so good. One like is shown there would usually have a trailer under it, and you would set the topper slightly higher so as not to pick so much soil or so many stones up, gets a bit crunchy otherwise  :D :D ;)

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Guest Fendt pwr

So the driver of the digger would need to stop while the trailer picking up the topps was away emptying out?I would have thought saving the topps would slow down the harvest is that right?

I know a guy in sweden with one of them beet diggers and he just lets the topps go on the ground and then ploughs them all under after harvest.

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Doesn't slow us down at all, the farm we do it for run short of outdoor feed this time of year for his sheep so our contractors top saver leaves the tops in one piece but in the field, these ones in the picture you would need at least 2 trailers for so it becomes more labour intensive than leaving them in the field. Can be quite a valuable additive to the feed ration during the winter though.

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Why not just let the stock into the paddock after harvest so they can clean up the topps off the ground?

coz 9 times out of 10 the field is left in a right state  so most of the tops are well wheeled in , remember we harvest in the winter  when it's wet ,cold & sometimes snowy  unlike you when you harvest in the winter wearing surf shorts ,bermuda shirts ,flip-flops & shades  :D :D :D
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