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Britains #9575 Howard rotary manure spreader


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I had a look through the archives and couldn't find a topic on this lovely Britains implement.

I've just received the original orange #9575 (1980-) spreader which replaces the one that was broken when I was five (!)

Alas, the wheels don't seem to turn the flail mechanism when they rotate. I compared this one to the 1997-1991 re-release and it seems to lack a plastic spring-washer/clip that fits on the outside of the first cog on the axle, to keep the cog rigid.

There seems to be no room for a clip to fit so I assume it was a design fault that was changed and perfected, rather than a factory error ???

The seller assures me it was mint -and it certainly looks unused.

Has anybody else got this problem with their 1980 Howard?

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Well looking at my model list I see I have 2 versions of a Howard Dung Spreader

No 9568 in a Rainbow boxed produced 1980 to 1984 I think and

No 9575 in an Authentic Farm Models Box produced 1992 to 2005 I think

I don't know if there was one produced between 1985 and 1991 but maybe I have got my dates wrong.

As to the working of well the next time I'm up in the loft I will try and dig the two out and see what happens.

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If i rmember coorectly the updated version did not turn the rotor


Well yes, the Powerfarm edition didn't have the wheels driving the rotor,  but there was a non-powerfarm one released about the same time that did.

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I had forgotten aout the powerfarm one... I don't have one of these in my collection unfortunately

I think you may be right: powerfarm update '87 - '91, then non-powerfarm using that mould '92 - '05 (which explains the 1987 date stamped on the gearbox)

Making a few enquiries it may just be that I'm unlucky with my purchase, though the old mechanism looks slightly more basic..

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The first version (9568) was, as we know,  driven directly from the wheels.

When the Powerfarm version (9342) was introduced, Britains made a rather clever ratchet type of drive from the axle which enabled the rotor to work either from the pto of the TW35, or from the wheels. 

When it was subsequently re-released as non Powerfarm (9575), Britains simply deleted the pto drive, but the model retained the drive from the wheels that it had used during the Powerfarm era. 

ie. ALL versions of the Rotaspresder should drive from the wheels.

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I think part of it was justifying having the Powerfarm tractor pto (no point without driveable implements), and partly that it had to be able to be used behind non powered tractors in the range. The only difference was that the pto powered one would drive the rotor quicker at a realist scale spreading speed. 

The Howard spreader was better than the powered crumbler on the Maschio - what was all that about :D

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