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some christmas convos

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well its not christmas themed tractors but what i was working at over christmas

first up not strictly a tractor but a tractor unit convereted to a 25ft flat body for hauling hay and straw ect i still have to make the trailer for the back but all in good time, still needs some finishing touches




next the 110 90 club

one got a complete repaint and decaling to a blue newholland 110 90 as you can see, and just stuck a beacon on the fait  :D



and lastly with the help of nick i put a valtra c loader on a wide 515c seen here loading the diet feeder




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thank you all very much have a few more models still in build process so expect a few more soon hope fully,

How easy was it to fit the loader CJ?? It's something I fancy doing to one of mine at some stage....

you could nearly say it was made for it JC there are 4 holes on the chassis of the 515 that fit the loader and just screw it on

keep thinking about another fendt 515 but with a uh fendt loader on, saw one like it down here a few weks back, was a older loader but near as the same as the new one from uh

had thought about a 415 loader as well sean but i prefer the look of the valtra loader and plus i prefer quickie to manufactures loader altho i know quickie make most of them  :D

like it all chris never get tired of looking at your builds also like the fendt  ;)look forward to seeing more

thanks graham it the same here i never get tired of looking at your work  :)

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Nice work there cj, you would say that loader is made for the fendt ;D the 415 loader needs alot of work to go on, havent got my grubby hands on a Deutz loader yet, i pushed the folding pins out on the front links on my 515 so i just have the stubs, no arms, flatens the front up... That truck looks good, love the hay bales

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