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Monster Valtra !!

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Jesus!! your ready to crush cars :D. Looks great.......but I'm not sure the front looks quite right,  those mudgards, hmmmm  might just be me tho ::). great job tho ........ ur the master ;)

:D :D :D just little bit to small  ::) ::)::)


it keeps raining models at your house :P

Where do you get all you're big wheels from? :o

I think they look great any information for me?

Cheers mate, Zwolle Holland  ;)

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Hiding it from you for sure... she's probably worried if you get hold of it you'll post photos of her very special mobile phone attachment on here again.....

Of course it's for me otherwise I'm not a loud to visit Spalding....but i think they will have a liquor store at spalding mate  :) :) Andy told me that there is 28 pubs as well :D :D :D

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So when I arrive fresh as a daisy on Sunday morning, you'll be the one face down in yesterdays clothes feeling really sorry for yourself then....  ;):D :D

I will be sleeping under Barry's (Udimore) sell table by then  :D :D :D

It is truely a monster Peter :o

Thanks Johny  :)

Sounds like a normal camping holiday? I see noprobs with that :D

Ma by your right  :D

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