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My New Holland tractor collection


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Just thought I'd post some pics of my New Holland collection as I had a few of them of the shelf. Feel free to post pics of NH collection here ;) ;)

I'll try and list them starting from the bottom and going left to right ;) ;) :D :D

Conversion, NH TL 80

Britains, NH TL 80

Britains, NH 6635

Dave T, NH 8340

Britains, NH TS 135A

Ertl, NH 8670

Scale Models, NH TJ 450

Conversion, NH TM 120

Conversion, NH TM 140

Britains, NH 8560

Conversion, NH 8560

Britains, NH 8560 on Flotations

Dave T, NH TM 190 with front linkage

Ertl, NH TG 255

Ertl, NH 9880

That's all me tractors, any questions fire away ;) ;)

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Theres a few in there that look out of place.... out of your place anyway!!! Look far better on my shelf. I tell you what, why dont you send the TL80 covo, the TJ and the TM190 down to me for a demo?!? :D

:D :D :D :D How about no, you can hire them from me from ?20 an hour though ;) ;) :D :D

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Hi Nath. They look really good, some nice models there. Is the TM120 an FP Convo?? ;) ;)

I'll try to get some pics of my New Holland collection together too...... :)

Cheers NH2. The TM 140 is the FP conversion, the TM 120 come off ebay ;) ;)

Looking forward to seeing your collection ;):)

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