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Hell of a shine coming off that nice red paint. You must do these in your sleep. ...  :D You're a master at the trailed machines.

What (if you haven't made it already) would be your epitome of trailed foragers to have in model form?

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these are not as difficult to make as the class or taarup but the reel can be tricky,theres two nylon wheels under the pick up rather than mounted on the outside like many of the others,im working on another 4 at min which ill be posting on forum next week...

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model foragers id want in model form....hmmm,def a lot of the older classics,ill put my forager collection up soon,ive a few more new hollands id want,class even tho there more difficult and kidd,deutz fahr,the list could go on to i find i need another shelf

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Ah...not what I thought it was.

It's a genuine 1988/1989 MF brochure with a picture of a MF 610 forage harvester on the front, talking about MF Finance and interests rate etc.

On the back is pictures of...

a 828 MF Chamber baler

700 Trailer

610 forage harvester

a 510 air drill

500 corn drill (Like the britians one)

165 mower conditioner (Looks to me like a resprayed PZ model)

a 788 Power harrow

Cultivator, Disc harrows, Haybobs and a 784? Drum mower.

And at the top a quick summary of the 300 series, the 3000 series and the 3600 series.

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