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massey ferguson 240

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very nice :o :o  i cant understand britains not taking their 135 further on to exploit the

old moulds around 1979-80 era with this idea  looks the part fred  ;):-*

P.S this will pee markie off not being the first to reply to such a good MF convo  ;);D

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Not just good.... WONDERFUL.. I love it...

Fred.... will you marry me  ;D

I can just see that now in my cabinet.... or even on my desk at work... she's a beauty.. and it's about time someone made one - I've asked enough people as well recently - so please go to the top of the class...

Now then... for mine... older style decals please with the BIG MF on the bonnet  ;D

You could make a 250 4wd like that as well... and a 230 too  ;D:-*:-*

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