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smellyexhaust's high capacity muck fork

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smelly wanted to make something, so for his first scratch build he was told to choose something nice and simple from the "albutt" catalogue. he chose the high capacity muck/silage fork with hardox tines





must admit this was a joint effort 75% smelly 25% fergus, fergus drilled the holes, offered advice on measurements, and glued the tiny bars in the back of the fork. smelly done the rest.

Craisy's buckets will be featured shortly, when i have let her out of the shed she has been locked in for the past few days ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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A whole bloody tribe of them! :o Is there nothing your gene pool can't do ???:o:D

I was thinking the other day that I must build a fork for the handler.... I shall copy this one ;D ;D Brilliant, can't wait to see what you lot do when you've had some practice! :o;D ;D

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