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JD7530 plus KUHN plough

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I decided my first JD7530 wiking convo looked so good that Id make a second to go with it :D

All Ive done for those who missed the first thread was change the decal add second set of rear cab lights and paint the wheels with yellow enamel paint for a more realistic look (and paint wheel nuts silver too) and not wishing to blow my own trumpet but this pair of tractors now look most accurate JD models in 1/32 ive seen (and you know im a picky bugger ::))

I have too say that Wikings tractor models really are a cut above the rest, even when you push one along the carpet or work top they feel solid and smooth , the finish really is just top quality.

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Right in this second photo ive manged too modify Kuhns new plough by removing its existing hitch, cutting of its brackets, drilled out two holes and fitted 8mm pin length eitherside to fit JDs hook arms.

Ive also removed UHs top link and put in a pin for the JDs top link to fix onto ;)

Its not brilliant but it looks realistic on the back of the 7530.

Note the extra cab lights on the JD and doesnt that Vaddy carrier look ace on the back of the second 7530 :-*

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still looks like a jd6930 to me  ;):D :D :D :D :D::)

the plough was easy to do then?? have wondered about getting a second to do the same for the wiking fendt and  jd i have at some point

Oh dont start me of again ;D them JDs are happy now theyve got the right badges on them ;)

the plough was easy enough to do especially when youve got access to an angle grinder :o  Just look out for all the bolts that will drop out of it as it gets a good shaking :-\

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