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pushoff buckrake

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this is my buckrake made of styrene as its lighter on the front linkage i looked at my britains one and came up with this i didnt have any mesh so used round rod i didnt base it on a real one but i still think it turned out ok the link was a bit of trial and error and didnt work for a start but it did after a wee bit of tinkering  im going to add a used effect to it by sticking on some grass looking fibres with pva and hope to get these photos on soon but here it is currently






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Looks fantastic there mate, really good on the Massey. If you dont mind please could you tell me where you get your box and angle styrene from as I cant find it anywhere.

usually get it from local craft shop but got some from jackson models try www.jacksonmodels.co.uk there also on ebay its around the same price as the shop i go tohope this helps

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not sure on price was thinking of making a few but want to use mesh havent got any yet green one is out of my britains yardscraper/buckrake set 9561 theres a 6.95 stamped inside side flap of box but i bought this as a teenager and im almost thirty so cant remember price but its going nowhere as you could probably guess will try to get mesh and will get back to you once i think of a price not good at pricing these things up pm me if you would want it with or without mountings for front linkage like this one or would you fit it to something else

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